Mitsuoka Motor

The Company of Craftsmanship

Mitsuoka Motor is a company of craftsmanship, luxury and elegance, where timeless classic cars are created with soul and passion. Each model has been developed by pushing the boundaries of conventional design to completely revolutionise the world’s expectations of the classic car market.

Each Mitsuoka Roadster is handmade in Toyama City, Japan, where 45 skilled craftsmen work with their hands to expertly blend traditional timeless beauty with state of the art technology.

Great designs tell a story – immerse yourself in our world

A Small Factory with a Big Dream!

Previously, Mitsuoka Motor only produced and sold cars in Japan, South East Asia and the Middle East – Predominately right-hand drive markets. Under the exclusive distribution of T W White & Sons, Mitsuoka Motor brought an exclusive number of their best selling Roadster to the UK.

Like Mitsuoka Motor, T W White & Sons is a family run business, established for over 50 years.

With showrooms located in Surrey, South London and Kent, T W White & Sons are the sole supplier of Mitsuoka throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.